Key Issues

Public Safety_Vector.png

improving public safety

Nashville must put a strong focus on making sure our first responders have access to the right equipment and are compensated competitively. Davidson County residents deserve to feel confident that in the event of an emergency they will receive the prompt assistance they need.


preserving & protecting neighborhoods

Great neighborhoods are created by the people who live in them. As your next Councilwoman, I will listen to your concerns and advocate on your behalf to protect the character of our neighborhoods while helping our community thrive.


supporting public education

MNPS deserves council members who support public education - not just in thought, but in deed and leadership that is a good steward of taxpayer dollars. Our city’s budget should invest in our students and all of the professionals who create a strong learning environment for Nashville’s youngest citizens.


Improving Infrastructure

Like everywhere in Nashville, District 12 is in desperate need of infrastructure improvements. As your next Councilwoman, I am committed to addressing our area’s narrow roads and lack of sidewalks so that residents who walk to work (or for their health) avoid this danger on a regular basis.

Balanced Zoning.png

Balanced Zoning

District 12 is beginning to see more development in our community. The question is - what kind of development does the community want, and how can we foster the right kind of growth? There have been recent examples where community engagement about proposed developments and zoning changes have met the minimum acceptable standards. District 12 residents need a seat at the table during conversations on the types of developments that are built here while balancing the property rights of land owners.